Recent Projects

Garden Transformation

This overgrown garden now has a new lease of life with fresh new edges, plants moved and beds weeded. 

With new posts and wire installed for the fruit bushes, and other areas being seeded to convert them to grass, this garden will be much easier to maintain. 

Clear area and move low wall to make space for new summerhouse.

 This area was too small for the planned new summerhouse. The low wall to the left had to be dismantled, the earth removed and the wall rebuilt. 

Another area needed a hedge moving into the front garden, to make room for hard-standing for a new bicycle shed.

The last photo shows an extended patio area created from flagstones found during the clearing process.

Replace wobbly fence posts

This fence was repaired on a budget - Replacing the very wobbly posts and refitting the original fence panels back onto the new solid posts.

Remove raised flower-bed and level area for new summerhouse installation.

(Summerhouse project to follow...)

Relocate and re-size Garage

This garaged needed to be relocated and the size adjusted to fit its new location-

One of the doors had to be re-built smaller to fit the new space